Board Certified Jacksonville Pain Management Doctors

The Florida Pain Network only works with the top pain management physicians in the Jacksonville metro area. These doctors offer comprehensive treatments including both medication management and interventional procedures. These are offered by the top pain docs and are individualized to each patient’s unique condition.

Parveen Khanna, MD – Double Board Certified Jax Pain doctor

Parveen Khanna, MD

Parveen Khanna, MD

Dr. Parveen Khanna is Jacksonville’s Pain Management Specialist with more than a decade of experience in successfully managing simple and complex pain conditions. Her expertise in modern procedures, medication management and PT/OT is unparallel.

Trained in Pain Medicine atthe University of Florida, Dr Khanna is DoubleBoard Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine from The American Board of Anesthesiology and American Board of Medical Specialties.

Diagnosis and treatment of complicated pain conditions such as auto accident injuries, low back pain, phantom limb pain, FBSS, neuropathic pain, pelvic pain, RSD pain, headaches, migraines, pain due to cancer and joint degeneration.

Dr. Khanna’s extensive experience in discography, spinal cord stimulator trials, trigger point injections and pain pump trials and implants helps her treat patients successfully.Radiofrequency ablation of the facet joints, intercostal nerves, sympathetic ganglions, BOTOX treatment for migraine headaches are her forte.